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I am Les Hart and this is a Family history site dedicated to "My" Hart family and the other family's that go to make up my own unique family tree. Most of the earlier ancestors on the Hart side are from the area of Leigh, near Manchester in England. Most of the Harrison and Ray sides are from Leeds and Macclesfield. I cannot claim to have researched all the information shown here myself, I have had abundant help, and much of the information was supplied by my father, I also must thank Roger Hart for his generosity in sharing his research data and of course the members of the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society (especially Geoffrey Edge for his help) who are always there to give guidance and advice, finally thanks must go to Derek Lord who filled in a rather large blank on one side of the tree.

(I apologize if I have inadvertently overlooked anyone).

This site is dedicated to the memory of Rosina Edith Harrison.

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